Service Overview

Stay connected to the Internet, email and mission critical information - with a local call through the iPass network - from more than 3,000 access points throughout 150 countries.

Global Reach
  • "Access Anywhere" Easily connect to the Internet with a local call when you travel to more than 150 countries.
  • Top-Tier Networks Gain high-performance connectivity by dialing into the best-of-the best networks around the world.
  • Worldwide Savings Save on domestic long-distance calls and up to 90% on international calls by making local Internet connections.
Reliable Connectivity
  • High-Speed Access Get local access through tier-one networks, significantly improving connection speed and service reliability.
  • Built-in Redundancy The roaming service includes multiple top-tier ISP networks so you gain high service availability in major business centers.
  • Most Widely Used This is the roaming service of choice for millions of Internet users worldwide, providing dependable connectivity worldwide.
Easy to Use
  • Simple to Set Up Once you download the roaming client software, it takes only a few moments to install on your laptop.
  • Simple to Connect The point-and-click interface of the client software ensures easy connectivity worldwide, even for novice users.
  • Maintain One Account You can use one Internet account worldwide and have the convenience of one user name and password.
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